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Action Plan

We worked throughout our careers to provide quality services to the people of New Jersey.

We kept our end of the deal, we worked hard for the public and had deducted from everyone of our paychecks our full pension contributions. We were promised that our employer would make their pension contribution so we would get a pension check when we retired. Therefore, we call on the people and their political leaders to hold up their end of the bargain. That bargain, included our wages and benefits while we were working and a secure retirement consisting of a defined benefit pension (with modest, periodic cost of living adjustments), and good quality health insurance insurance. Now, despite those promises, all of these are under assault.

We must act now to protect what we earned during a lifetime of work.

Our education plan is to educate all retired NJ public employees that their pension and health benefits are at serious risk. Our intention is to build a powerful organization of retired public employees who will take action to insure that our pension and health benefits remain secure.

Our action plan consists pursuing non-partisan and civil action necessary to insure that candidates and political leaders in NJ understand that retired public employees are prepared to protect our earned benefits!

We will continue to organize, lobby and communicate to political leaders, and ask our membership to act aggressively in unison to do what it takes until our pensions and health benefits are secure.

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